Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spanish brandy

A tasty brandy I probably bought at the Madrid airport as I was leaving. The bottle doesn't really have a very interesting story, but it reminds me of the streets of Madrid. There was something about Madrid that made it seem dirty, not in a extreme sense, but more raw than many other European cities. The only other bottle I bought in Spain was a cheap wine at the grocery store for a few Euros, that was unforgettable at best.

The best drinking experience I had in Madrid was at a restaurant near the Modern Art museum. I ordered the "Grande" sangria with a girl I had met at the hostel, but she didn't seem too interested in having some. So, I had a whole pitcher of Sangria to myself, and three quarters of the way though it I was feeling pretty good.

Hostel Review: Wombat's Hostel [Vienna, Austria]

Wombat's Vienna Hostel
I learned about the wombat's hostel from a Top 10 list of hostels on Hostelworld. This hostel was one of the nicest and cleanest hostels I have ever stayed in. It felt new and clean, and the rooms were large with accompanying bathrooms. I traveled there probably in the summer of 2003 or 2004, after visiting Venice. The hostel was kind of out of the way, but convenient to get to tourist destinations. I enjoyed Schonbrun castle and the musical film festival they held. Vienna was a nice city, but I wouldn't put on a top ten list. The hostel had a bar and outdoor lounge, but I don't recall a kitchen.

City Review: Las Vegas

Don't bother; crass to the extreme.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hostel Review: Cat's Hostel - Madrid

Cat's Hostel in Madrid is one of the most beautiful hostels I have stayed in. It isn't much to look at from the street, but inside is a 17th century palace with a great courtyard and mosaics. It is located within a few blocks of the subway, and it is within easy walking distance to a grocery store. The hostel also includes a bar in the basement which hosts local music groups. They had a cheap payaya night that was very tasty, and they served a free continental breakfast when I was there. They also offered a beer vending machine but no kitchen. The hostel had 3 computers with internet access that were often in use, but there was also free wifi in the hostel.

I think the biggest drawback to this hostel was the small room size, and I would recommend getting a room with the fewest possible number of beds. The beds were about 2 feet apart, and my room contained a snorer as usual.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer concerts

The Boston Landmark Orchestra performed a concert dedicated to Red Sox and Apple Pie. I only recognized Sousa and Leonard Bernstein on the program, and Bernstein because of "the maestro" on Seinfeld.

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Red Sox Concert

Boston Landmark Orchestra

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Martha's Vineyard Hostel

Aquinnah, MA

The Vineyard [Martha's Vineyard, MA]

I spent Labor Day weekend on "The Vineyard" for a very reasonable sum.
Approximate expenses:
$64 - round-trip bus and ferry from Boston's South Station subway stop to Vineyard Haven [town on the island].
$15 - 3 day bus pass on the island
$25 - groceries of sandwiches and salmon steaks
$86 - 3 nights at the hostel [w/ $25 off coupon]
$11 - dinner and liquor in Wood's hole

I left Boston on the 3 pm Bonanza bus. You can just buy the tickets at the bus terminal before you leave and I think the buses leave about every hour or so. The traffic was pretty bad so we missed the 5 pm ferry. We arrived early for the 6:15 ferry, so I stopped at the burger restaurant and liquor store around the corner. I bought a $5 burger and a Bacardi and Dr. Pepper. On the island I caught the bus to Edgartown and loaded up on groceries at the Stop 'N Shop. I then headed over to the hostel in West Tisbury [bus from Church St. in Edgartown]

I relaxed at the hostel and cooked my salmon steaks in the kitchen oven. They came out great and cost less than the lunch meat I bought. The hostel also had a smore's cookout, and I roasted up some marshmallows with graham crackers and chocolate.

On Saturday, it rained most of the day, so I hung out in the hostel reading an Agatha Christie novel. I don't think I have ever read an entire one all the way through. It was ok, but it seemed geared towards old people. I then went out to Oak Bluffs and had a few drinks. I ran into some fellow Texans at the bar who were playing dominoes in the lounge. Weird.

I met Jacob, a guy from Montreal on the bus back to the hostel, and we hung out with two french girls the next day at Aquinnah. That didn't work out as well as I had hoped since I didn't know any French. I got a medium burn in all the places I didn't put suntan lotion, but it wasn't too bad.

I caught the ferry back on Monday, which was pretty uneventful. (other than me finishing the murder mystery ;)

I found on the web that there is another bus company that goes to the ferry for Nantucket and futher up Cape Cod. [Plymouth & Brockton Street Railway ] I'd like to check out some more of those hostels. []

I think my next travel adventure will be to Montreal.

Note: this hostel has 2 free computers and free wifi.