Sunday, September 21, 2008

Are Staycations Here To Stay?

"With research showing that many households plan to cut back on summer travel — a Rand McNally survey found two-thirds plan to shorten or cancel summer road trips". [USA Today - 5/24/08]

About a month ago, Good Morning America featured a writer from "Travel" magazine who suggested checking-in to a local hotel as a way to get away. I am not sure why a travel magazine would stoop so low to get on national television, but I can sure savor the irony.

The summer is over, and gas prices have pulled back 15-20% from summer highs. Hopefully, "staycations" and all of the marketing dollars behind them will die their well deserved death. I also can't imagine how sleeping in a different bed and flipping a remote attached to the night stand could be construed as a vacation. had a great piece on staycations. Ugh...I cringe every time I type the word.

The recent economic turmoil and high gas prices are a great opportunity for the budget travel industry. While campsites, hostels, budget bus services, and other members of this group don't have a large marketing budget, the internet is really the key to attracting customers. I am not sure there is a place that can put all of the budget travel pieces together for new or experienced budget travelers.

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