Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hostel News: Hearing for New Hyannis Hostel Delayed

A new 47-bed hostel in Hyannis, MA, is in the planning stages, and requires a change in the zoning of the property to move forward. The building was formerly the home of Ruth Rusher, who left it after her death to be turned into a hostel, run by HI. Ken Komenda of the neighboring, Cape Cod Harbor House Inn, voiced opposition to the rezoning, wanting “no youth hostels next door with inebriated individuals” who may be “creating a disturbance right next to our property.” [1] The Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce also opposed the rezoning for the hostel. Attorneys for the Ruth Rush Trust and a rep. of HI, expected a tamer clientele, such as Girl Scout and church groups.

City zoning is just one of the obstacles to starting a hostel, and it isn't surprising neighbors and competitors will use the stereotype of rowdy, drunk hostelers to keep them away.

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1. The Barnstable Patriot 2.0, "Hyannis hostel proposal moved to Oct. 2 council meeting", Sept. 26, 2008.

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