Friday, September 19, 2008

Hostel News: 747 Converted into Jumbo Hostel [Stockholm, Sweden]

Jumbo Hostel

The Stockholm-Arlanda Airport will soon have a new lodging option for weary travelers, but this isn't any ordinary over-priced airport hotel. The Jumbo Hostel is an 85 bed hostel contained inside a converted 747 jumbo jet, if you can believe it. With 3 bunk beds per room the jet has a total of 25 rooms inside. I've spent my fair share of nights "sleeping" in an airport lobby, and I can say this is a great option if you are flying out of Stockholm. In case you haven't tried sleeping overnight in an airport before an early morning flight, it usually involves being awaken repeatedly by security guards to verify your departing flight.

The hostel contains a cafe, and the website suggests visitors can also heat up any food they bring on. That's some real "old-world" charm circa 1976.

The one caveat I was reminded of when reading about the "de luxe" suites in the airplane cockpit is the fact that airports are just about the noisiest place in any city. Although you might have a comfortable bed, you will probably need to sleep with the super-protective headphones worn by the airplane ground crews if the hostel is anywhere near a runway.

The hostel is not open, yet, but check their website if you are heading to Sweden in the future.

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