Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Website Review: Hostel Management

Hostel Management

HostelManagement.com has an interesting look at the business of running a hostel. I was intrigued to read about people who had started hostels. Check out this interview with a hostel owner in Silverton, CO who turned a poorly managed hostel into a thriving business. I have only ever stayed at one hostel where I recognize the problems this guy was having. The Key West hostel had many drifters, and a guy was arrested in my dorm for drug posession one night. (I slept through it due to my ear plugs :) Keep posted for my hostel review of this dive.

They also include a great News section about new hostels, contests, and related travel news. This article suggests there is going to be a new hostel opening on the cape!


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Thanks for the review! I'm in Western Mass, though often on the road visiting hostels. Send me an email if you're ever in the area.

Josh @ Hostel Management

Chris said...

I think your website forum has some interesting discussions. I usually post under the name ifij775.