Sunday, September 28, 2008

News: Ryanair may offer cheap flights to Europe

Ryanair plots transatlantic price war
24 Sep 2008

Ryanair, this week, released some of the hottest news for the budget traveler looking towards Europe. With Aer Lingus sputtering like most big carriers, Ryanair is reinvigorated in taking it over. Ryanair could turn international travel between the US and Europe on its head and usher in a new era of cheap flights to and from Europe. A few years ago, I traveled to Europe via Ireland, and it was a great hopping point. Once in Ireland, I could pick from any number of countries that Ryanair flew to for less than 50 Euros. While this deal is not finalized and the new flights are still years away, budget travelers can take comfort in the future of cheap travel during the days of sky high gas prices.

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